A Sagittarius Triplet
These three bright nebulae are often featured in telescopic tours of the constellation Sagittarius and the crowded starfields of the central Milky Way. In fact, 18th century cosmic tourist Charles Messier cataloged two of them; M8, the large nebula above center, and colorful M20 below it. The third, NGC 6559, is to the right of M8, separated from the larger nebula by a dark dust lane. All three are stellar nurseries about five thousand light-years or so distant. The expansive M8, over a hundred light-years across, is also known as the Lagoon Nebula. M20’s popular moniker is the Trifid. Glowing hydrogen gas creates the dominant red color of the emission nebulae, with contrasting blue hues, most striking in the Trifid, due to dust reflected starlight. This broad skyscape also includes one of Messier’s open star clusters, M21, just above and right of the Trifid.

Credit: Martin Pugh

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The Dancing Machines.

songs for angry girls - smash down the patriarchy and all who oppose you with these wicked tunes playing in your ear

***Flawless (ft Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)- Beyonce // Stop Me- Natalia Kills // Gold Guns Girls- Metric // Hard Out Here- Lily Allen // Sleazy- Ke$ha // Hell on Heels- Pistol Annies // Problem- Natalia Kills // Bitch- Plastiscines // Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore // Mansion Song- Kate Nash // Do It Like a Dude- Jessie J // Knock ‘Em Out- Lily Allen // Seatbelt Hands- Listener // Raise Hell- Brandi Carlile // The Baddest Female- CL // Just a Girl- No Doubt // Woman King- Iron and Wine // You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing- Halestorm // Creator- Santogold // Black Sheep- Gin Wigmore // Fight Like a Girl- Emilie Autumn // Rebel Girl- Bikini Kill // Salute- Little Mix



"What's the matter?... You don't think you deserve to be saved."



BLUE - GD & TOP RAP COMBINED (you’ll hear GD rap on right speaker, TOP on the left!)

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Honestly whenever this comes on my dash I just wANT TO FUCKING JUMP OFF A CLIFF


shout out to the people who ship their ships quietly and happily and can laugh about it and don’t start shit with anybody about it (◡‿◡✿) 

12/ ∞ eternally fabulous fashions! Nicolas Jebran F/W 2014